Maximally Flat FIR Filter Design (JAVA Applet)

You can use this applet to get impulse response coefficients and plot the frequency response of maximally flat filters of any type!
The filters are identical to those proposed by H. Baher. You need to download and install JAVA2 Runtime Environment .
For the meaning of parameters refer to "Universal maximally flat lowpass FIR systems, IEEE Tans. SP, pp. 1956-1964, 2000".
It may take a while to compute coefficients for orders higher than 10, so be patient. Try the applet with N=2, K=1, and d=0/1 to get the idea.
You may get incorrect values for certain combinations of the parameters. This happens when the number of digits required to represent the coefficients is large.

(c) 2001 S. Samadi and A. Nishihara
To use this applet, go to Java Control Panel -> Security tab, and enter as an exception site. You have to restart your Firefox or Internet Explore.