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Our idea has been used in actual products

It is a 3-dimensional Y-C separation filter for NTSC television signals. Conventional so-called 3-dimensional Y-C separation filters are actually the combination of horizontal 1-dimensional filter and adaptively switched temporal or vertical 1-dimensional filters, depending on still and the other for moving scenes. The proposed filter is a real 3-dimensional filter (composed of horizontal 1-dimensional filter and non-separable vertical-temporal 2-dimensional filter), and as a result crosscolor is very much suppressed even for slowly moving pictures. Mitsubishi developed its IC and named Super Digital Y/C Separation.

TV sets
46P-HD1, 36W-CZ10W, 32W-CZ10W, 28W-CZ10W
36W-CZ7, 32W-CZ7, 28W-CZ7, and 28W-CZ77
HV-V930, HV-V920MN, HV-V900L
all from Mitsubishi.

The circuit is also used in Laser Disc Players

HLD-X9 and LD-S9
from Pioneer, where it is called High Resolution 3-D YC separation.

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Akinori Nishihara,